A Simple Guidance for Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in Kerala

There are many types of cancer, but pancreatic cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among the people around the globe. The hectic lifestyle and food habits are one of the primary reasons behind the cause of deadly diseases. With advancements in various techniques and treatments of medical sciences, it is now possible to detect the diseases in the primary stage and start the treatment as per the complication.

The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin, which maintains the level of sugar in the body. On the other side, it is also responsible for pancreatic juice, which helps in the digestion of food. The main cause of pancreatic cancer is the growth of abnormal cells, i.e., a malignant cell that occurs in the pancreas resulting in pancreatic cancer. Like other types of cancer, pancreatic cancer is also very life-threatening.

The Complication of Pancreatic Cancer

In the primary stage of pancreatic cancer, there is a sudden inflammation of the pancreas due to a large amount of alcohol consumption. There is a swelling in the pancreas due to the accumulation of fluid. When pancreatic juice leaks out into the surrounding tissues, it damages the pancreas and surrounding tissues, which results in the accumulation of solid and liquid dead waste.

There are many places where there is a treatment of pancreatic cancer.  Pancreatic cancer surgery in Kerala is one of the best treatments by Dr. K Prakash. With hands-on experience, Dr. K Prakash has made SILS ideal solutions for the removal of tumors, cancer, fats, gastrointestinal problems he can perform all other types of abdominal surgery with less pain. The pancreas is divided into three parts, i.e., head, body, and tail. In the case of pancreatic cancer, it affects the head of the pancreas. The patient suffering from this type of cancer may experience loss of appetite, jaundice, and weight loss.

The pancreatic cancer surgery in Kerala is treated with the help of ultramodern facilities and equipment like Ultrasonic Dissector, Force Triad-Ligasure vessel sealing system of Covidien, Gen X system of Harmonic scalpel and Enseal of Ethicon for liver resection from Stryker, Argon Plasma Coagulator from Erbe, Digital Fluoroscopy of Siemens Intraoperative Ultrasound from Aloka, Radiofrequency ablation system and Thromboelastograph for the successful conduct of such major surgeries like pancreatic cancer surgery.

It requires proper planning and cares for the successful execution of the surgery as well as it also requires meticulous postoperative care.

(1.) Distal pancreatectomy (often done laparoscopically)

(2.) Lateral Pancreatojejunostomy, Head-Coring with LPJ for chronic pancreatitis.

(3.) Whipple’s pancreaticoduodenectomy for carcinoma pancreas and periampullary carcinoma.

 (4.) Median pancreatectomy pancreatic necrosectomy and Whipples surgery for pseudocyst (often done laparoscopically).

The Final Thoughts

The advanced medication and treatment have made it easy for patients to recover in the shortest possible time. The patients are quite satisfied with the success rate of pancreatic cancer treatment in Kerala. It is easy to recover the deadly diseases if it is detected on time.

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Get the Best Treatment for Colon and Rectal Cancer Surgery in Kochi

Colon cancer which is also known as the colorectal or rectal cancer is one of the leading causes of death around the globe. In the present scenario the disease of the colon is of the most frequently diagnosed cancer types among large majority of the people. The malignant cells in the tissues of the colon. This type of cancer occurs with the abnormal growth of the tissues in the inner walls of the colon and rectum. These types of abnormal growth lead to a severe and complicated medical condition known as colon and rectal cancer.

Over a few years, there is a drastic growth in colon and rectal cancer.  With advancement in techniques of medical science there are various types of treatment that can be helpful for the patients to save their lives. From the last couple of years there are different techniques and equipment which have evolved in medical science to treat various types of health complications. Colon and rectal cancer surgery in Kochi carried out by Dr. K Prakash has proved as a boon for the people suffering from colon and rectal cancer.

The Diagnosis and treatment of Colorectal Surgery

The treatment of the colorectal surgery has got close collaboration with a gastroenterologist. In the later stage of diagnosis it will require sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy to diagnose colorectal diseases and decide the type of treatment needed. Most of the colorectal surgery is related to hemorrhoids and other perineal problems.

Once after the diagnosis of the colon and rectal cancer it is confirmed by the team of surgeons for the type of treatment needed. A majority of the colon cancers can be treated with the help of laparoscopy. Most of the laparoscopic surgeries help for early recovery, along with less pain and blood loss. The treatment with the help of laparoscopy helps in early return of bowel functions.

The Signs and Symptoms of Colon and Rectal Cancer

(1.) A change in the consistency of stools along with diarrhea or constipation that lasts for more than 4 weeks.

(2.) Blood in your stool often missed with mucus.

(3.) Persistent discomfort with gas, pain, or cramps.

(4.) Thin stools or a feeling that your bowel doesn’t empty completely.

(5.) Weakness or fatigue.

(6.) Sudden weight loss.

The Results of Colorectal Cancer

The long term of the rectal and colon cancer depends on the stage of diseases. Depending on complication of diseases a patient may require postoperative chemotherapy or chemo-radiation therapy. If the condition is diagnosed in the starting stage it is easy to treat them as well as save the life of the patient.

The Final Thoughts

The results of the colon and rectal cancer surgery in Kochi are very successful in long terms. An experienced team of doctors and highly qualified medical staff lead by the eminent surgeon Dr. K. Prakash ensures 100% success rate.

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