With the increasing population, there are a large fraction of people who are suffering from obesity. The hectic lifestyle of the people has given birth to many health complications which have proved fatal for them. As the complication increases with the weight people, start looking for various methods to lose weight, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Some people can lose weight with the help of diet supplements, fat loss program, cardio, and strength exercise. In spite of this, there are many people who are not able to lose weight. With excess fat in the body, the body is prone to numerous health-related risks such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and many other health complications.

The Effective Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss surgery is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, but it is considered as the last option for fat loss.  This option is best for the people who are looking forward to losing a large amount of weight through surgery. Keyhole sleeve gastrectomy is a process which is performed on the patients who are severely obese, or they have any obesity related conditions. With the development of research and medical science, there are several weight-loss surgeries which were introduced to save the life of the patients and reduce the health complication.

There are three main types of treatment options which are used to get rid of excess fat. The three types of treatment are lifestyle change, pharmacotherapy, and surgery. Lifestyle change involves the restriction of calorie intake with an increase in exercise to obtain a moderate weight loss in a short period. However, in the long term, there are the majority of people who regain their weight after a short period.

Among all three listed above, it is best to go through the keyhole sleeve gastrectomy. This process will help you to bring the increased BMI index to the normal condition. Laparoscopic or Keyhole sleeve gastrectomy is the simplest form of surgery which is conducted for overweight. In this process, the stomach size is restricted to reduce food intake. There are no minimal nutritional consequences. This surgery is carried out by single incision bariatric surgery. Further, depending on the condition of the patient, there are various medical procedures that are followed to maintain the condition of the patient.

The Final Thoughts  

These surgeries have got a proven result in weight loss for many people. The surgery carried by Dr. Prakash has got a high success rate in Kerala. With years of experience, he has carried out numerous Laparoscopic or Keyhole sleeve gastrectomy surgeries with precision and high success rate. He has got the latest tools and technologies to make the surgery successful and save the life of the patients.