People are prone to different types of lifestyle diseases due to hectic and changing lifestyle. With the deposition of excess fat in the body, it is one of the prime reasons for different types of diseases. There are numerous people around the globe suffering from excess weight. With the drastic increase in number of people suffering from overweight, there are various treatments in medical science to help the people fight obesity. Some people can lose weight with the help of diet supplements, fat loss programs, cardio, strength exercise while in some cases they need to undergo bariatric obesity surgery.

Among all types of treatment, bariatric obesity surgery is a type of surgery which is used for the people who are suffering from excess body weight. From the last couple of years there are various techniques and equipment which have evolved in medical science to treat various types of health complications.

Lose Weight with Bariatric Obesity Surgery

With the presence of excess fat there is higher probability of body getting prone to numerous health-related risks such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and arthritis as well as many other health complications. To get rid of these types of complications bariatric obesity surgery is one of the most effective methods to lose weight without any health risk.

Bariatric obesity surgery in Kerala carried out by Dr. K Prakash has proved as a boon for people suffering from excess weight. He is a renowned Bariatric obesity surgeon with years of experience to treat various types of health-related complications.

Bariatric surgery is a type of surgical methods which is carried out to restrict the absorption of food from the stomach and intestine. As this is not cosmetic surgery, the procedure involves the reduction of fat and helps to improve medical disorders due to excess body weight. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery where fat is removed with the help of high power suction.

Different Procedures in Bariatric Surgery

There are three types of procedures involved in bariatric surgery. Different procedures are listed below:-

(1.) Sleeve Gastrectomy:- The stomach is converted to a long tube-like structure to reduce the capacity. It is less complicated surgery resulting in 60-80% weight loss.

(2.) Adjustable Gastric Banding:- A ring-like is placed on the stomach to convert the initial part of the stomach into a small pouch. No any part of the stomach is removed in this process, and there is 50-55% for weight loss.

(3.) Roux-en-Gastric Bypass (RYGB) procedure:- The intake of food is restricted as the stomach is stapled to convert it in a small pouch. A segmented intestine is bypassed to reduce the exposure of nutrients to a less surface area. This procedure results in 65-75% weight loss.

The Final Words

The body weight can be controlled with good nutrition and exercise. With high success rate of weight loss surgery, it has proved beneficial for several people suffering from excess body weight. Various techniques and medical treatment carried out by Dr. K Prakash have proved as a boon for the people. Losing weight is now easy with laparoscopic surgery which is safe and requires less medication. The latest tools and techniques are there to make surgery successful and save the life of the patients.

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