Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Treat gallbladder, hernias, colon cancer & gastric sleeve resections for obese patients with the single incision laparoscopic surgery in Kerela from Dr. K Prakash. He is a veteran laparoscopic gastro surgeon who operated a number of patients till date. Single-incision laparoscopic surgery is a section, he has already mastered in.

With over years of experience and hands-on expertise, Dr. K Prakash made SILS an ideal solution for removal of tumors, cancer, fat, gastrointestinal problems and different types of abdominal surgery with less pain. SILS surgery leaves no scars on the body after the surgery. Above all, the added advantage of a quick recovery and early discharge made it a favorite among youngsters, particularly females due to the absence of postoperative scarring. SILS is the most advanced form of surgeries we provide to our patients. It’s safe, targeted and 100% cost-effective to any other forms of surgeries you know.

We provide the advanced SILS procedure only, which is gaining more popularity day by day. If you talk about traditional laparoscopy, doctors need to do a number of cuts or incision to locate and do the operation. However, SILS requires only one incision/cut, which significantly reduces pain and expedites the recovery process. SILS is cosmetically more effective than conventional laparoscopic surgeries.

Aster Medcity is the only hospital in Kerala to offer single-incision laparoscopic surgery with 100% successful results.

About SILS

This is a new evolving innovation in the field of laparoscopic surgery wherein entire surgery is carried out through a 2.5 cm incision and a port introduced through the umbilicus. In single port surgery of SILS approach special angled instruments are used. The main benefit of single incision laparoscopic surgery is cosmetic and to an extent less pain. Almost all procedures like surgery for gall bladder, hernias, colon and rectal cancer treatment and bariatric obesity surgery in Kerala are done very effectively using the SILS approach. For young patients Single incision approach provides surgery with virtually no scar.

Benefit with Us

Our laparoscopic surgeries are invented to serve mankind. We are a highly professional team of surgeons and medical experts, with 20+ years of experience in laparoscopic surgeries in Kochi, Kerala. Our care unit offers the best medical facilities, you have experienced ever. The senior laparoscopic surgeon Dr, K Prakash bears an acclaimed profile, he has been certified and awarded for providing an outstanding contribution in the field of medical science. Getting treated at Aster Medcity gives complete peace of mind and satisfaction. We provide you the safest, less invasive and highly targeted solution for all types of abdominal surgeries.

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